The fleet

firma-transport-international-pitesti-insertThe car fleet of the company Insert Service features of 80 head assemblies tractor semi-trailer tilts, with height between 2.68m and 2.85m, with a low lifting ceiling and a length of the trailer in the inside of the 13,6m, following that in the near future to extend to approximately 150 ends tractor semi-trailer of the same model.

The entire fleet of the company Insert Auto Service holds the CMR insurance up to a limit of EUR 100000/semi-trailer with the possibility of extension of the limit in the case of goods whose value requires this aspect, according to the requests of the customer, and CASCO insurance and RCA for all the ends of the tractor and semi-trailer.

The main activity of our company is international road transport trucks of 40 tonnes, is essential to the satisfaction of our customers by the quality of the services offered.